Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 1 of the Card Game

   This week kicked off our campaign of creating a unique and original card game.  Each group member had the responsibility of creating their own idea for a card game and present it to the group. One of the ideas presented includes a version of baseball using the style of the famous card game War.  Another idea was a game in which each player's goal is to build his or her own civilization. The third idea is a game in which players attempt to rob a home and collect as many valuables as possible. Each member thoroughly questioned the ideas and structures of each game to grasp a better understanding of which card game idea would prove to fit the criteria best. Through cooperative group work, we decided to put our efforts into our civilization building idea. 
   Our decision for our game was based on several factors.  The first factor was the negative aspects of the two other games. The baseball game seemed to lull players into a game in which strategic decisions were actually insignificant. The house robbing game was discarded because of its bad message of stealing from a home.  Another factor that lead to our decision was the fact that the game is based more on a player's own progression rather than setting back another player.  We as a group agreed that a game can be more inviting to players if the goal is to create the best possible environment for that player, rather than destroy another player's environment.  Yet another factor is that this game allows for each member of the group to incorporate his own creativity into the game because it is an open world style game.  There can be different actions, consequences, colors, aspects, and styles of play. 
   As of today, our game does not have a title.  We currently agree that there will be three decks to draw from with each deck having its own purpose.  The goal of the game is to acquire as many points possible by creating the best civilization possible.  All ideas and rules are not final and are subject to change as we continue in our process of the making of our game.    

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