Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 2 of the card game

This week we focused on creating the core mechanics of the game.  We decided the game will require players to spend resources in order to build structures and buildings.  The goal is to gain the most points by creating the most successful city.  Each player starts by drawing five action cards from the action deck.  These cards will be used to modify the rules and allow players to use strategy when building their city.  Each turn the player will draw an action card, gain resources, and then spend their resources to build.  There will be different types of building cards or blueprints that are available to build, which give different bonuses to players. We were unsure of how to represent the buildings.  Either as cards that could be drawn from a deck, or as tokens that are available to build at any time as long as the player has the resources.  We also decided that event cards will be played after every other turn or so.  Event cards are random and can effect everyone.  They are draw from a separate deck, and are supposed to account for random environmental effects or social events. We still need to solidify the core mechanics before making any more major advancements with the game.  However, we decided that the game would take place in the past during the middle ages or before.

 We want to incorporate player to player interaction in the game. Something like trading resources or goods.  We were thinking that action cards could help play a major role with this aspect of the game.  We still need to figure out how buildings are constructed, how to gain resources, and what the win conditions of the game are going to be.  We originally wanted to incorporate the lands that buildings were constructed on.  We wanted these lands to be represented by cards, but as of now we have taken that aspect out of the game because it would be too complicated.  Next week we will decide how many types of cards will be in the game for sure and how the players will interact with each other.

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