Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 3 of the Card Game

This week we looked at several prototype cards. Sal and Adam had very aesthetically pleasing card prototypes. For our prototypes next week, we decided to use a combination of both. For our resources, Steffan made circular tokens out of clay that will be used as the various resources of our game. Additionally, we discussed several aspects of the gameplay for our project. We decided on approximately thirty action cards, at least fifteen building cards, ten event cards and four resources to test run our game next week. We believe this to be an adequate amount to play the game for at least two turns. One major aspect of the game we left up in the air was the theme. We decided that it was more important to solidify the gameplay and build the theme around it. Some interesting ideas that were brought up included being separate contractors for one country/kingdom as well as being rival kingdoms. Overall, the main objective of the game is to accumulate the most points by building the most/best buildings.

Several conflicts we ran into were the usage of action cards. We all felt action cards were necessary for player to player interaction. However, we were unsure how big of an impact action cards should have on the game. Also, we were debating whether to have action cards have a certain cost to use. Another issue we sought to resolve was limiting the amount of luck in the game. With the amount of randomness from drawing action cards and event cards, we decided to limit event cards to one event card every four turns. Next week, we will play the game under these guidelines and see what adjustments we have to make.

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