Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 4 of the card game

This week we attempted to plat test our groups prototype game, though this was made difficult by the absence of one of our members, and therefor our entire set of action cards. To test our game, a handful of rough temporary cards were made to substitute the missing action cards. After those were made, we tested the play capabilities of the game and found a number of rough flaws that could make playing our game somewhat difficult. One of which was that resource cost of the building cards, which made it hard to actually construct anything during our turns, which we believe would make the actual playing experience of the card game to be very annoying and aggravating. Another problem we found with the game was how simply it was to acquire the resource tokens necessary to construct the building cards, leaving little in the way of a competitive experience to be had. In the end we decided to make a number of little changes that may allow for a better play experience for our project.

Firstly, we decided it would allow for a much better experience if the build cost of the resources were to go down, as this would allow for a player to begin the game with a few easier builds. We also decided to make getting the resource tokens a bit more difficult, as this is now only allowed by action cards, instead of being able to draw one at your turn. Each build will also have a larger variety and combinations of which type of resource would be necessary to build it, again to make building simpler constructions easier . We also removed character decision trading as that will also be done through action cards. We hope that these and a few other changes will allow for a better balanced game, and make it more enjoyable for the player.

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