Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 5 of the Card Game

   After many weeks of debates and reconstruction of our card game, the group has unanimously decided to name our game Nations. This title is fitting due to the actions and theme of our game. Our goal for this game is to have the players spend different style resources to build their own kingdom.  Different buildings that can be built within the kingdom include Palace, Courthouse, Citadel, Library, and Cathedral. The theme itself includes each individual player acting as a ruler or planner of his own nation. Due to these two factors, we decided the title of Nations is fitting.
    During the final week of play testing, we discovered several issues with the game.  One simple issue was that some cards were too over powered.  One card stole a building from another player and another card allowed for one player to spend a discount, gain too many resources, and play too many action cards. To fix this, both cards were dropped from the game because their individual purpose was not deemed necessary for game play.  Another, more complicated issue, was the ability to use mathematics to easily calculate the winning strategy of our game.  The spread between resources spent and point value of the building were too easily identifiable.  The game lacked any depth because the winning strategy of each play test was to buy the highest point value building and work your way down. In order to correct this, the number of starting resources was reduced from six to three in order to reduce large spending early. Also, lower point value cards were given a point combination to gain more points by buying each of a set.  This draws the players to buy all types of buildings instead of just the highest point total buildings.

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